eWave ERP

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eWave ERP : -eWave ERP is built to meet the specialist needs for companies ranging from small to large business houses. Serving various verticals for more than 10 years eWave ERP is built to efficiently manage resources, better servicing your clients, and integrate your workflow under one roof.eWave ERP integrated system is to support the entire project lifecycle; bringing together project, financial and resource management.

eWave ERP’s high performance and reliability gives you an head start to increase your profitability and dominate the competitive market. With its easy to integrate feature with your IT environment it allows you to have strong financial & operational overview. It also gives you strategic alignment of financial administration, human resource and operational redundancies. Built around Microsoft’s full SQL Server database, its open-database architecture and huge capacity enables integration with any number of other business applications while maintaining excellent data processing speeds and superior levels of security

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