At Pentagon, we have developed a top class intranet solutions to help our business clients achieve success. Our intranet solutions give you all of the functionalities your business technology environment needs to collaborate and thrive. The powerful content management service and database keeps all your business information secure and easily accessible by those with the correct account permissions, as well as providing valuable in house chat and file sending functionalities. Created specifically for non-technical users, Pentagon’s intranet software is an easy-to-use in house business solution to tie all of your employees and their work focuses together. Our experienced service team can tailor the system to meet your exact requirements and suit your particular business structure.

  • Rapid search functionality Quickly scan through the myriads of information that comprise your business to find the information you’re looking for. We find this has an immediate impact on business productivity.
  • Responsive mobile design The system displays perfectly on mobiles and tablets, meaning your employees can use it from anywhere, anytime.
  • Staff Index The staff zone makes it easier for all your staff to connect. In it each employee can record their details so that if anyone is looking for anyone else, weather at home or in the office, they’ll be within reach.
  • Sleek and user-friendly Designed to look and feel amazing, Pentagon’s intranet system bypasses all the common technology headaches and gives you a clean, easily navigated user interface.
  • Real time notifications The automated notification settings can be modified to suit your business tastes. These help keep everyone up to date and in the loop on important announcements and projects.
  • Business collaboration Share your workplace news in real time, allow employees to engage one another over projects, and enjoy all the benefits of functions like follows, posts, shares and likes to promote business collaboration.
  • Instant messaging functionality This provides a valuable safe and secure chat functionality for your business members. Fast and effective, our chat options keep all workplace conversations in one easy to access place.
  • Automated performance analysis Pentagon’s intranet solutions system will enable you to monitor staff in real time. Receive weekly reports on staff performance and in depth analysis of what your company has been up to.

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